Customer-Owned Networks

Next Level provides a turnkey solution for building and operating customer-owned fiber networks. We optionally provide services across these networks to end-users.

Network Design

Engagement starts with the creation of a preliminary design and cost estimate to help determine if our solution fits your needs and budget. Once a project is ready to move forward, a detailed design will be prepared that encompasses all of the materials and equipment needed to create the network plus the cost of installation. It includes the detailed engineering drawings needed by the company contracted for construction and to secure permits.

Installation Oversight

Once a project is approved, we manage all aspects of its installation from the selection of telecom-grade installers to the logistics of the needed materials to the staging of the head-end equipment to the leasing of the backhaul circuit. As segments of installation are completed, we compile a database of “as-built” documentation and photos that become the basis of the “owner’s manual” for the network.

Network Management

• 24×7 network monitoring
• Manage head-end equipment (software patches, maintenance, security)
• Dispatch technicians to diagnose and repair network backbone and head-end equipment issues
• Provide technical support to ISPs operating over the network

Mutual Fiber Company Services

Next Level will work with a community to establish a non-profit Mutual Benefit Company to own the network when no existing legal entity (such as an HOA) is available. We have developed a template for this process along with suggested bylaws and procedures. We can additionally help to manage the company on an ongoing basis.

Other Services for Communities

We are working with partners to implement community-targeted services including community-wide Wi-Fi, community security cameras and improved cell phone coverage.

End-User Services


We offer Ultra-fast, latency-optimized internet service. Our ISP solution supports browsing privacy and respects Network Neutrality.


We have partnered with Ooma to provide voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone service Ooma.


We have partnered with AT&T to provide live steaming TV (AT&T TV Now) and satellite TV (DirectTV) service options.

Enterprise Services

IP Transit

Next Level provides wholesale internet service to large and mid-sized businesses.

Point-to-Point Connectivity

Next Level provides dedicated connectivity between two or more locations.

Become a Network Champion

Champions are people who have chosen to organize their community to provision our 10-gigabit broadband solution.