About Next Level Networks

Next Level Networks has built an innovative platform that creates an alternative to existing Internet Service Providers. Our unique network ownership model enables communities and building owners to take control of their broadband destiny!

Customer-Owned 10-Gigabit Fiber Networks

Next Level Networks provides a turnkey solution for building and operating customer-owned 10-gigabit-speed fiber networks.

• Homeowners Associations can dramatically improve their communities’ broadband which leads to increased home value.
• Neighborhoods and municipalities can use our network crowdsourcing tool to aggregate demand and crowdfund the construction costs of a community network.
• Property owners/managers can bring a highly desired amenity to apartment complexes or office buildings to improve revenue and reduce churn.
• Real estate developers can integrate a sought-after amenity to improve sales prices and reduce sales cycles.

Next-Generation Broadband Platform

Our 10-gigabit fiber design enables internet service at speeds up to 10,000 Mbps. This is 500 times faster than the average U.S. broadband speed!

Our solution’s upstream speed is the same as the downstream. This contrasts sharply with most existing offerings for which it is typically a small fraction of the downstream. Limited upstream impairs such applications as streaming security cameras, uploading large files, video conferencing (including telehealth), gaming and Wi-Fi calling for mobile phones.

The network is futureproofed: every home is connected by a dedicated fiber optic cable which allows the network to be upgraded in the future by simply swapping out the equipment on each end.

The design is “open access” meaning multiple ISPs can provide internet service across the fiber network. Next Level always offers a baseline ISP option that respects Network Neutrality and user privacy: unlike most large broadband providers, we are not in the business of selling advertisements or data about your online activity.


David Barron


David Barron has extensive experience with emerging technology and commercialization efforts in the telecommunications and Information Technology industries. Prior to Next Level, he was Head of Corporate & Business Development at CableLabs, identifying innovative technologies and funneling them into CableLabs’ R&D efforts. Earlier in his career, he was Director of Operations at Americast (a Disney/Telco joint venture), managing internal and external development efforts for TV set top boxes, video distribution technologies and interactive content. He also led a business development and evangelism team in Microsoft’s TV Platforms division and was responsible for licensing portfolios of technologies at Apple and Motorola.

Darrell Gentry

Founder & CTO

Darrell Gentry has pioneered the creation of award-winning broadband networks for over 20 years. He founded an early data CLEC that rolled out DSL service in 5 Midwest states and an early wireless ISP focused on rural broadband delivery. He also founded a company to accelerate real-time traffic across the internet, a precursor to modern-day SD-WAN systems. Most recently he was responsible for operations at OnLive, the cloud gaming pioneer, where he oversaw a global network with over 25,000 route miles.

Eric Jacobson

Software Development

Eric Jacobson has over 28 years of professional software development experience. One of the earliest developers at ServiceNow, he helped grow the company from a handful of small customers to its present portfolio of multi-national clients and a valuation of over $18 billion. He has also performed development consulting for classified US Navy projects, built corporate-wide systems at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), developed stock systems for large financial institutions and developed airline reservation systems.

Charlie Jablonski

Non-Executive Chairman

Charlie Jablonski serves as an industry consultant to various media, technology, and investment funds. He has served in Executive Positions for several startups including Onlive, Myrio and Geocast. He spent 16 years at NBC where he was Vice President of Engineering and Technology.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and also a past president. He is Chair Emeritus for the Emmy Awards Committee for Science and Technology for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

He has been awarded nine Emmys for his work on the Olympics.

Become a Network Champion

Champions are people who have chosen to organize their community to provision our 10-gigabit broadband solution.