Gigabit for Municipalities

Municipalities can provide financing options to neighborhoods, building owners and associations seeking to build a network based on our model. For example, the city can issue a bond to pay for network construction in concert with a parcel tax on the properties passed by the fiber network.

Municipalities can work with Next Level to establish a fiber backbone to serve city facilities and infrastructure (which will often save money over commercially available options). Such a backbone can be used to provide market-rate, subsidized or free backhaul service to community networks built using our model. This would lower the cost of broadband service to residents without having to take on the full cost of building and managing a municipal-owned network.

Finally, a city can build and operate a municipal-wide fiber-to-the-premises network using Next Level’s turnkey solution.

Become a Network Champion

Champions are people who have chosen to organize their community to provision our 10-gigabit broadband solution.